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Delve into the transformation of TV and future of streaming services.

Streaming hit the market about a decade ago, so as we move into the 2020s what’s in store? The latest research paper from MTM and Comcast Technology Solutions includes insights from executives across the industry on the transformation of TV and the future of streaming services at the dawn of the new decade.

We’ve been on a ten-year journey, spanning three generations of streaming architecture – from hardware to virtual machines, and now into the cloud. When we started, OTT was a value-add, an extension of the offering, a bolt-on. Now it’s moved into the mainstream. We’re now on the third generation of our platform, and it’s pretty stable, running on commodity hardware and public cloud.

Operating models vary widely, ranging from very light-touch teams running library-content services on third-party platforms to more complex fully-featured streaming services with live streams and deep libraries, running on microservices architectures, with large teams.

Download the report to learn what four main priorities respondents identified for improving the management and operation of their streaming services.